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Here you will go through the key topics and concepts in this module.
For each topic you will be presented with the 10 best resources currently available from our most recent webcrawl. These include lectures, articles and videos from some of the worlds most renowned universitys and schools including the likes of, Stanford, MIT and London school of Economics.

Note: Our content is consistantly getting better as we improve our ranking algorithm so expect the quality of resources to only get better and better!

Extra Resources

Although everything you need to go through the course is available on here for free, some students like extra resources that may help further their understanding of the subject.
If you are one of those students, no fear, we have you covered. Click the "extra resources" link above and there's a collection of some of the best books on the subject. All books have been recommended by accredited universities for their undergrad and postgrad student reading lists.

Note: All book links go directly to Amazon, all links are safe and checked.

Resources Welcome


Introducing Psychology: Brain, Person, Group, 4th Edition
- Kosslyn, Stephen M., and Robin S. Rosenberg
The Social Animal
- Aronson, Elliot
An Introduction the the History of Psychology
- B.R Hergenhahn, Tracy Henley
Fundamentals of Psychology in Context, 3rd Edition
- Stephen M. Kosslyn, Robin S. Rosenberg

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